Q. Sometimes I exhibit behaviors I really don’t like. What is happening with my brain?

Q. I am seventeen and I want to be famous. You have spoken in many different countries. Does that make you famous? ‘Cause, if it does, I want to be a public speaker like you!

Q. Periodically someone says to me, “You’re weird.” What should I do or say?

Q. I grew up in a family of “blamers,” and I didn’t like it but I don’t really know how to get out of that habit pattern.

Q. Recently I watched a documentary ("What the Bleep...") in which Candace Pert mentioned the “bodymind.” What is that?

Q. How can you transition away from an attitude of personal powerlessness and defeatism?

Q. Someone quoted you as saying, "life is a choice." Give me a break! Life is not a choice!

Q. What is your definition of a dysfunctional behavior? I'm personally sick to death of the term but I hear it everywhere!

Q. I heard you speak about the link between dehydration and dementia. Wonderful information. However, when asked one particular question you replied, “That is outside my area of study and currently I am unfamiliar with research that could help me give you an appropriate answer.” Don’t you find it embarrassing to admit you don’t have an answer—and you a Brain Function Specialist? I would be—big time—and for a long time!

Q: Once again I find myself depressed. My cousin and his wife did not invite me to their son’s wedding. What is it with their brains that makes them exclude me, and what is it with my brain that I let it bother me?

Q: Unfortunately I find myself exhibiting behaviors that often result in negative outcomes. Sometimes I think it’s because that’s the way I was raised. Is this what you meant when you said, “Take time to figure out the script you were handed at birth?”

Q.  I am in pain most of the time due to osteoarthritis. I heard you had hip replacement surgery for a similar problem. How did your brain handle the pain?

Q: I do not consider myself grumpy, although some of my friends do. I do know I am not happy, but I do not even understand happiness. My parents certainly were not happy. I am an only child (an older brother died during childbirth) so I do not know if my siblings would have been happy or not. If I had a Tesla to drive, then I might be happy....

Q: Could you give me a list of suggestions of things to do to help me raise my level of happiness? My doctor said I would likelier be happier and healthier if I “quit thinking about what you don’t have and start concentrating on what you do have.” That irritated the heck out of me, but I can see he might have a point.

Q: I hate wearing a mask and don’t really see how that can help much. Do you wear one?

Q. I just beat myself up again for another stupid mistake! Do you ever do that to yourself?

Q. Will I ever be able to put this loss behind me and go on?

Q. When someone who is gay comes to our church don’t I have an obligation to confront them about their behavior?

Q. At times, I feel deluged with and surrounded by people who are hopeless. What can I do?

Q. How can you transition away from an attitude of personal powerlessness and defeatism?

Q. Someone suggested that using the pronouns "you" and "your" is more helpful than using "I"—how does that help my brain or my behaviors?

Q. Recently I attended your week-long seminar and came away with a much more enthusiastic brain. There were some attendees who ask the most ridiculous (or prejudiced, uninformed, rude, unkind) questions. I was amazed how your brain remained calm and civil. How does it do that?

Q.  I fail to understand how some people don't seem to experience any remorse when they exhibit behaviors that are very hurtful to others. Don’t they have a conscience? Is this a brain thing?

Q. Is it really true that body organs are replaced regularly? And what about the brain?

Q. Nearly every day someone ruins mine. Is this going to happen for the rest of my life?

Q. I learned that several more states voted in favor of same-sex marriage and cannot imagine what they were thinking! I mean, really, that is just a vote in favor of promiscuity and the Deity cannot be pleased.

Q. If I resist urgings from my spouse or friends to do something they want me to do, they just raise their voices and keep repeating the same thing over and over. What is going on in their brains?

Q: I want your take on what is going on in the brains of people who stockpile toilet paper. I never heard of anything quite so insane! Did they think the pandemic was going to trigger diarrhea in their households or what?

Q: I have worked hard to own a good home and car. I have invested a lot of time and energy in my partner and two kids. I know some important and some famous individuals. My life seems sort of worthless, however, and I struggle to be happy. You seem very happy. What do you do?

Q: In doing DNA research it appears my family may have some connection with people from Ghana and Nigeria. I have started studying about slavery and am amazed at what I am discovering. It seems that the slave trade itself was primarily done by Europeans—and I always thought it was just an American thing. I also read a CNN article in which I learned a lot. I hear the term “systemic racism” but am not clear what that means. Thanks.

Q. “The Secret.” Have you read the book or watched the video? I don’t get how thinking different thoughts can help at all! Are they off base?

Q. How can I motivate young people in my family to get aboard the “train of hope” during their youth?

Q. Are you a motivational speaker? I heard one awhile ago and he was great, cavorted all over the stage, used lots of action on his e-illustrations, told jokes, kept us laughing, showed high energy, etc. I enjoyed the experience. Would I get that at one of your presentations?

Q. What I think about does not impact my body. Right?

Q. I was taught that "life is hard and then you die." Given that perspective, why bother trying to figure out who I am innately anyway?

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