Q. Do you think aluminum exposure makes any difference to the brain? Should I stop using antiperspirants? Should I throw out my aluminum pans? I’m confused!

Q. I recently heard that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease and my antiperspirant contains aluminum. What do you use?

Q. I was told you don’t use diet drinks or sugar substitutes. I’m sure they can help me lose weight!

Q. I heard you mention ADHD in relation to dopamine. Is there anything new about that?

Q. Can experimenting with street drugs really cause damage to my brain and can such damage be reversed?

Q. The Brain Program Alumni was absolutely stimulating! Wish I'd known the information about the brain and male-female differences 30 years ago! It could have made a huge difference in my relationships! Do you know of any research about gender differences and the use of drugs?

Q. I’ve tried ecstasy several times. Lately I seem to be having difficulty concentrating. I’m having memory lapses, too. Has it changed my brain some way?

Q. A friend told me that taking the drug ecstasy could lower serotonin levels and eventually contribute to depression. Have you heard anything about that?

Q. I've heard that "pot" can be detected in one's urine for up to 30 days. Is that true for Ecstasy (or whatever its real name is) too?

Q. My grandson was introduced to the use of marijuana by classmates of his in the eighth grade. That was nearly five years ago. He continues to use pot quite regularly and I am noticing a decided lack of motivation. For example, he often skips school and rarely comes with his parents to family gatherings, preferring to smoke in his room recreationally or with friends. When I have asked him about this, his response is, “Well, Steve Jobs used psychedelic drugs and look what he accomplished.” I feel like my grandson’s life is unraveling and I am powerless to stop it.

Q. Monosodium Glutamate makes food taste much better but I often get a headache after I eat it. Is there any connection?

Q. Do substances such as nicotine and marijuana really affect the brain or body long term?

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