Arlene biography200324Arlene R. Taylor, PhD, is an internationally known writer, speaker, and brain function specialist. She is founder and president of Realizations Inc., a nonprofit corporation formed in 1993. It engages in brain-function research and in providing related educational resources. Current research makes it clear that everything starts in the brain and that knowing how to use yours by design is key to staying healthier and younger for longer.

Dr. Taylor incorporates brain-function information in her books, weekday blogs, audio podcasts, YouTube videos, quarterly electronic Brain Bulletin (SynapSez®) in-person presentations, and her talk show: Brain Secrets. The information she shares, when practically applied, can help you to be more successful—by design.

Among her other books, emerging knowledge about music and the brain led Taylor to coauthor Music on the Brain with Michael Hudson.  They also have written the Legends of the Wild series. This eight-book series utilizes animal allegories to reveal the contribution that high levels of Emotional Intelligence makes to the Success Formula and to achieving overall success in life—along with the consequences when EQ skills are low—or absent.

A fan of distance learning, especially for busy adults, Taylor has authored the 12-week Longevity Lifestyle Matters Program to help individuals stay younger and healthier for longer. She is also the author of the 32-module Mental Health & Wellness Program, approved by CMS for onliine and on-site learning for individuals with Mental Disorders or disabilities..

A member of the National Speakers Association until 2024, Taylor is listed with the Professional Speakers Bureau International.

Home base is the beautiful and world-famous Napa Valley.

Updated 810/2023.