Q. I have heard you make comments about some studies on addictive foods and you mentioned pizza. Pizza? Are you kidding me? Our family loves pizza! We eat it at least three times a week or more often but we are certainly not addicted! Please comment.

Q. My friends have been on my case because I drink an alcoholic beverage (usually a beer or two or three) every night after work. I need it to help me relax and unwind. I’ve also been gaining weight and I’m not sleeping very well. My doctor told me, “Stop drinking alcohol every night with its ‘empty’ calories.” He said a small amount of alcohol might help me go to sleep but studies show that it doesn’t help me stay asleep and may contribute to poor-quality sleep overall. I’ve decided to switch to a couple glasses of wine instead. That’s better, right?

Q. I’ve been following a "Longevity Lifestyle" for several months and have done very well. I seem to have plateaued, however, and someone told me to stop drinking diet sodas. That's one of the choices I've hung onto because I really don't want the extra sugar found in regular sodas. Any comments?

Q. I have read the research that the majority of those who lose weight, especially from dieting, typically gain it all back in 2-3 years and often more than they lost. Okay, I’ve not only read the study abstracts but also have lived this type of weight yo-yo existence for years—although I don’t understand it. 

Q. I have followed several "health programs" on and off and all of them emphasize two things: aerobic exercise and dieting or calorie restriction. The Longevity Lifestyle Matters program doesn't seem to emphasise those two areas and I'd like to know the reason.

Q. The doctor told us that our three children are above the recommended weight range for children their age and size and suggested we help them lose weight. That was three weeks ago. Our two boys have already lost a pound each; our daughter, barely three ounces. I asked her if she was sneaking food and she got upset and told me, “Of course I’m not sneaking food!” So how come she hasn’t lost a pound?

Q. I read the Point to Ponder in your Spring Brain Bulletin. I can relate to the writer who said, “This cannot be correct. I never wanted to be overweight.” Everyone in my family is obese (“fat” as some put it so rudely), so there’s really nothing I can do about it except to develop a mindset that “big is beautiful.” 

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