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Q: What does blood type really mean, and is there anything to the rumor that some blood types may be at higher risk for contracting COVID-19?

Q: I am having difficulty understanding how people can expose others to potential infection by a communicable disease by not wearing a mask or fact covering when they leave the house. Because of this, do you know if there are there any studies that show the most effective mask that I can wear? Thanks.

Q. Because of the pandemic, we are limited to only one present each this holiday season and I am already depressed about that. What do I tell my kids?

Q: I come from a long line of “physically sickly” ancestors.Because of that, is it really going to make any difference at all if I make different decisions in my own lifestyle choices? Seems rather hopeless to me.

Q: I take parenting very seriously. I figure that when my children leave home they will likely get rather lax in some areas so I need to be very strict while they live in our home. We do not have TV, they do not need cell phones, and we carefully monitor where they go and who they visit. I am confident this will result in their being excellent and well-rounded adults. I have told them I’m pretty stressed with this pandemic and it’s their job to help me feel better. Mind you, I am not asking for any advice, I’m just telling you what we do.

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