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Q: What does blood type really mean, and is there anything to the rumor that some blood types may be at higher risk for contracting COVID-19?

Q. What are AIDS and ARC? Are they related to immune system function and what can I do to protect my brain and body?

Q. My doctor recently said that I have a definite sensitivity to wheat grains, gluten in particular, and recommended that I alter the way I eat to benefit my immune system and brain. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies. Yes, I have more energy and seem to be thinking more clearly but those are rather limited options. Do you have any gluten-free recipes?

Q. I was told that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease and my antiperspirant contains aluminum. What do you use?

Q. In my family it seems that anxiety accompanies hopelessness. How do you describe anxiety and what is its link, if any, with hopelessness?

Q. Recently I was diagnosed with not one but two autoimmune diseases. My therapist told me that some of this may be due to childhood experiences when our home was filled with dysfunctional physical, emotion, and sexual abuse. Is that even remotely possible?

Q: Is there any difference between Bell’s Palsy and what Justin Bieber reported he has?

Q. What’s the connection between the brain and the immune system?

Q. I once heard you say something to the effect that “The brain and the immune system have their hands so deeply shoved into each other’s pockets that it’s hard to tell which is which.” I loved that metaphor. Is there any new research about that close connection?

Q. What does the brain have to do with the immune system, and vice versa?

Q. I would like to know some characteristics of individuals whose brains are anxious.

Q. A colleague recently mentioned he’d heard something about “channels in the human skull. Do you know anything about this? Frankly, it sounds a bit weird to me.

Q. My family is following the recommendations for prevention amid this global pandemic. The seven of us are reconfiguring our lives. It’s quite novel to eat all our meals together sitting around the same dining room table. Fun. When one of us feels like we are on our “last nerve,” we’ve learned to laugh and be upfront about needing a bit of space. We grew up in the Lutheran religion. I remember hearing something about Martin Luther going through a pandemic but when I called my pastor, he was unfamiliar with the quotation I was looking for. Any chance you have that and can share it with me?

Q.  What’s all this about DNA having a hidden code or second language that may be responsible for triggering diseases? And what is DNA anyway?

Q. I was just told that I have something called Dysbiosis. What in heaven's name is that and does it have anything to do with my brain?

Q: I am having difficulty understanding how people can expose others to potential infection by a communicable disease by not wearing a mask or fact covering when they leave the house. Because of this, do you know if there are there any studies that show the most effective mask that I can wear? Thanks.

Q. I am very confused. Why is it that some people get the COVID-19 vaccine and still get sick? Why bother getting the vaccine anyway? 

Q: Why do people who get the influenza vaccine sometimes also get sick with the flu?  

Q. I just heard that National Institutes of Health issued a warning recently about hair-straightening products being linked with uterine cancer. Do you have a resource for this?

Q. Because of the pandemic, we are limited to only one present each this holiday season and I am already depressed about that. What do I tell my kids?

Q. Is there any one condition that may form the basis of many (if not most) of the chronic diseases we see today?

Q. Our twins, boys and a girl, seem to have a different level of health. When they catch a cold, my son acts a lot sicker than my daughter. Matter of fact, so does my husband. I tell them to stop using a cold or the flu to get attention!

Q. I read that years of dying her hair dark may have contributed to Jacquie Kennedy developing lymphoma. Is that a risk? Do chemicals in hair products impact our brains?

Q.  I heard something on the news about “Man Flu.” Really? I know is that when I have the flu I’m rarely “laid out.” I just keep taking care of the family even though I don’t feel very good. My husband on the other hand is flat out on the couch moaning and asking me to bring him hot tea and you name it. So is there anything to this besides him wanting attention?

Q: I hate wearing a mask and don’t really see how that can help much. Do you wear one?

Q. My sister-in-law has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that her doctor says related to demyelination. What does that mean in regular words?

Q. I’ve heard you speak...and the process of completing a personal Loss Line has been very helpful. Is there something like that for anxiety?

Q: I come from a long line of “physically sickly” ancestors. Because of that, is it really going to make any difference at all if I make different decisions in my own lifestyle choices? Seems rather hopeless to me.

Q. Is there any evidence that prayer/meditation does anything for the brain or body beyond personal superficial comfort?

Q. How much alcohol can I drink “safely” so there is no negative impact to my brain?

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