Q. I try to be good at almost everything and do whatever I do perfectly. That's the way I was raised. I'm always tired but the doctor says there's nothing wrong with me physically. Can I put my fatigue down to an aging brain?

Q. How come anger and fear are positioned between joy and sadness on the emotions staircase?

Q. Tell me more about the relative expenditures of brain energy.

Q. I’ve heard you talk about “booting up your brain with breakfast” but I don’t get what the big deal is. What does it matter whether or not I eat breakfast?

Q. I’ve been to several seminars recently where the speaker talked about brain strengths and weaknesses. I didn’t hear that at your seminar and wondered if there was a reason for that omission?

Q. I’m often tired after spending time with a specific individual. Is it possible for this person to impact my energy levels?

Q. I need to get a better handle on how I expend energy, and the activities/people/events that exhaust me. Any suggestions?

Q. Recently I seem to be more fatigued than ever, yet my last physical exam was normal. Any ideas?

Q. My husband and I are both accountants. Every year at tax time I seem to tire faster. He says it’s all in my head. Is it really?

Q: One of my customers exhausts me! How is it possible for this person to impact my energy levels so drastically?

Q.  Recently I heard you talk about the energy factories in cell mitochondria, and that 1% of our DNA is found in one's maternal mitochondria. Is there anything I can do to help keep my energy factories healthy?

Q. I’m quite sure I’ve heard you say that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells but what do they do?

Q. A physician, I am presently staying home with my two-year old. Much of the time I feel exhausted or as if I’m going nuts. No one talked about this in medical school. Any suggestions?

Q. I heard you speak about water and the price of dehydration. Drinking plain water is sooooo boring to me. Why can’t I drink the many “fancy” waters now on the market?

Q. Sometimes I feel so tired, so completely out of energy, and all I’ve done is sit at my desk and labor over paperwork! Why?

Q. How much electricity is generated by the brain?

Q. I’ve heard you speak about the difference between “well” and “energy efficiently.” If you do it “well” won’t you do it “efficiently,” and why even try to figure it out?


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