Q. Our family has been discussing the brains of creatures and how they may be similar to or differ from the brains of humans. Do creatures have triune brains with three functional layers as do humans? I couldn’t find anything written about this.

Q. My niece and nephew are as opposite as night and day. Jill is the quintessential risk taker, while Jared would be perfectly happy curled up under his bed—reading! Could this relate to extroversion and introversion?

Q. The other day I was complaining to my neighbor about the noise in the house (our three sets of twins were being particularly rambunctious). My neighbor said, “Oh, are you an introvert?” I’ve heard the terms extrovert and introvert but I’m not sure what they mean. Do you have definitions?

Q. We have three children. Two of them are into everything with their friends and us; the youngest seems to hang back and prefers reading or writing poetry to competing and participating in social activities. I don’t understand her. Can The Brain Program help me with this child?

Q: Recently I hired two part-time assistants. It turns out they are as opposite as night and day. The female is always on the move, the quintessential risk taker. The male is good at what he does but would prefer reading a book in the break room during lunch compared to even walking around the block. Go figure!

Q: Many people learned to like working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some don’t even want to go back to working out of an office. What is that about? I went nearly nuts staying home!   

Q. My husband and I recently moved across country and finally located a church congregation where we feel comfortable. Well, almost. It’s a busy place and people are gregarious. However, I am often encouraged to engage in activities that are not appealing and that I find exhausting. Serving at the local soup kitchen, for example. I’m happy to donate food or money to purchase supplies but I don’t want to be there in person. I stumbled on your Extroversion-Ambiversion-Introversion Assessment recently and I score at the far extreme of Introversion. That made so much sense! But how do I fit into a 5,000-member church? 

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