Adapting - PASS

Q. I’m reading Dr. Phil’s Book entitled Self Matters—Living Your Life from Inside Out. Please comment.

Q. What does “Falsifying Type” really mean and are people who are Falsifying Type just faking it?

Q. I have worked hard for years to develop accounting skills and I still make errors. It’s SO frustrating!

Q. What does PASS stand for?

Q: In terms of brain function, explain the difference between "simple" and "easy or difficult."

Q: The 80:20 Rule is a good theory but does anyone actually apply it?

Q: I just read "The Secret." How can just thinking different thoughts make a difference?

Q. I’ve heard you speak about the difference between “doing something well” and “ doing something energy efficiently.” If you do it “well” won’t you do it “efficiently,” and why even try to figure it out?

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