Brain Bent

Q. I am seventeen and I want to be famous. You have spoken in many different countries. Does that make you famous? ‘Cause, if it does, I want to be a public speaker like you!

Q. Why is it that different brains give different answers when all are presented with the same “why” question?

Q. I’ve been to several seminars recently where the speaker talked about brain strengths and weaknesses. I didn’t hear that at your seminar and wondered if there was a reason for that omission?

Q. I’m really enjoying your book Your Brain Has a Bent (not a Dent). Any ideas to help me figure out my brain’s bent?

Q. I have worked hard for years to develop accounting skills and I still make errors. It’s so frustrating!

Q: I got into network marketing because I liked the products and because of the money I thought it would generate. I still like the products but I am struggling with maintaining the business and experience fatigue every evening.

Q. My nephew, Rolly, appears to have a right-brain energy advantage and is struggling in school. How do I help a right-brainer learn? Sometimes he seems not to even want to try for fear he won’t look smart. Any ideas?

Q. Please help me understand the difference between “simple” and “easy” as you use these terms in your seminars.

Q: In terms of brain function, explain the difference between "simple" and "easy or difficult."

Q: The 20:80 Rule is a good theory but does anyone actually apply it?

Q: In terms of brain function, explain the difference between "well" and "energy efficient." If you do it "well" won't you do it "efficiently"?

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