Q. My 10-year old son takes trumpet lessons; my 13-year old daughter plays flute. Sometimes they "blank out" at recitals and forget the notes. Why do I get so embarrassed?

Q. There's talk locally about starting a community choir. I've always liked to sing in groups but our church long ago disbanded the choir—which is too bad. Do you think joining the community choir would benefit my brain?

Q: My teacher keeps telling me to “picture this in your mind’s eye.” Well I can’t picture anything in my mind’s eye. She said, ‘pull up a picture of a dog in your brain.’ I tried. I know what a dog is when I see one but couldn’t see it or a cat or even the piano keyboard with my eyes closed. Is something wrong with me?”

Q: What happens in the brain when you listen to music versus perform music?

Q. Someone told me I could help age-proof my brain by taking music lessons. Both my children do but I’m nearly 45! Could it help?

Q. A friend of mine recently told me that playing a musical instrument is more stimulating for the brain than simply listening to music. Is there anything to that?

Q.  How would one’s Sensory System Preference impact the person’s approach to music?

Q. My eight-year-old son wants to play the trumpet. Do you recommend lessons?

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