Q. Will I ever be able to put this loss behind me and go on?

A. Millions have. If they can, so can you. That's the beauty of the resilience of the human spirit. It does have a lot to do with our own perception and choice, however. At least 700+ years ago a philosopher named Epictetus taught the 20:80 Rule. It states that 20% of the effect to our mind and body is due to the stressor. To the loss, if you will. 80% of the effect is due to our perception of the loss, the weight we give to it, and the interpretation we place upon it. Once I began looking at my losses from this perspective, it didn't diminish them or prevent the initial shock and pain. It did make it easier for me to go through the process of grief recovery knowing that I had at least partial, if not complete control, over 2/3rds of the effects to my mind and body.

People like to feel they’re in control of something. In fact, stress resistant individuals tend to be those who take control of what they can control, let go of what they can't control, and have honed some finesse in deciding which is which. It's a variation of the Serenity Prayer. So, yes. You can work through grief recovery, retain your memories, put behind you the sting of the emotional pain, and go forward. It will take time, but even there, you have some control over the length of time based on how seriously you engage in the process.