Sensory Systems

Q. My two boys came home from school today saying they heard you talk about “blue light rays from the sun.” Excuse me? Blue light comes from electronics! I told them you are a brain function specialist and can’t be expected to know everything.

Q. I’ve attended several of your seminars and notice you use only white backgrounds for overhead transparencies or PowerPoint® slides. You do know that color technology exists?

Q. I’ve attended several of your seminars and notice you use only black and white backgrounds for your PowerPoint® presentation. Don’t misunderstand me. I love your seminars and find that I recall so much more of the information in the days and weeks following than I expected to. I do wonder the reason you avoid using a colored background. I’m visual and “color is good.”  

Q.  My husband’s hearing is deteriorating and yet he refuses to even be evaluated for a hearing aid. His point seems to be, “I can hear as much as I want or need to hear.” Is there anything I can tell him to encourage him to at least explore assistive hearing devices?

Q. Technically this isn’t a question. I had the opportunity to attend several of your seminars when you were lecturing overseas earlier this year and found the gender-brain differences information absolutely fascinating. You also mentioned that a fact is just information until and unless it is turned into knowledge and practically applied—and you encouraged attendees to do just that. Several days later this is what happened.

I was working on part of my tax return when my wife came into the room and asked me to help her with something.

Because of what I had learned, I was able to say, “Give me a few moments.”

She said, “My dear, I would like you to do this now so I can go to bed.”

I replied, “Honey, do you realize that I will have to put everything away, turn off the a/c, switch the lights off, go through the door, find the little path over to the other part of my brain, walk to the area of the brain that will help me grant your request, turn the lights and a/c on, and only then be able to give you my full attention? And then, when we’re done, I have to reverse all of that to go back and finish up my tax return project.”

She allowed me a few moments.

Soon I stood up from my chair, signaling I was ready. She said it would be better if I sat—whereupon I explained that I was kinesthetic and would understand better if I stood. So she began talking to me, whereupon I looked aside and said, “And don’t tell me that I have to look at you when you’re talking to me. I know what you look like!”

We both burst into mirthful laughter!

Q. Can you give me some ideas of gifts to buy for a male with a kinesthetic sensory preference? I was stumped for Father’s day!

Q. The males in my family don’t seem to listen to me! Why is that?

Q: I hate wearing a mask and don’t really see how that can help much. Do you wear one?

Q. When I talk to my husband he says he’s listening to me but when I ask him what I just said he hums and haws and usually can’t repeat the gist of our conversation. What should I do?

Q: Have you ever heard of prosopagnosia?

Q. A friend of mine gave me one of her parrots for my birthday. A big parrot. Over the past three years I’ve enjoyed it in some ways but its screeching is beginning to wear on me. I’ve developed a sort of hypersensitive, unable to relax, wondering when it is going to cut loose next. My sensory preference is kinesthetic (not auditory) so this puzzles me. My friend says there must be something wrong with my brain and suggested I take anti-anxiety medication. What do you think?

Q. I am a salesperson but am not selling very much product. Of course, I’d like to keep my job, so I wonder if you have any tips for selling?

Q: Please give me an example of how sensory preference in children impact their behaviors.

Q.  How would one’s Sensory System Preference impact the person’s approach to music?

Q. I am finally getting a telephone headset at work and have the option of left ear, right ear, or interchangeable style. Which one do you think I should get?

Q. Neither of my sons seem able to find things easily in the refrigerator. Both my girls can! Is there something wrong with these boys?

Q. Is there a difference between having a visual sensory preference and being able to picture something in your mind's eye?

Q. I am enjoying reading the book you coauthored with Dr. W. Eugene Brewer entitled: Your Brain Has a Bent (Not a Dent). It’s a catchy title but where did the word bent come from?

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