Q. I heard about a British stockbroker who lost his memory while on a train going to Coney Island. Is this the same condition portrayed in movies?

Q: What happens when you have a Déjà vu?

Q. How does depression affect our brain? People say that when you’re depressed, you lose memory, so how does depression affect your brain?

Q.  I read your comments in the last Brain Bulletin about wine and supposed benefits to the heart. But what about the brain? Doesn’t wine or other mild alcoholic drinks help the brain to relax? I mean loads of people drink in moderation.

Q. Is it true that the brain doesn’t know the difference between good and bad memories, so when you repress bad memories, you’re also repressing good memories?

Q. We take in so much information. Why do we forget it and where does it go?

Q. Do you know of any medication that can help my memory?

Q. Why are early memory screenings important for everyone and not just seniors?

Q: Have you ever heard of prosopagnosia?

Q. Some information I seem to recall easily. Other information... Help!

Q. Is it really true that body organs are replaced regularly? And what about the brain?

Q. What is the relationship between stress and the brain, especially memory functions?

Q. Is there any correlation between watching TV violence and memory recall?

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