Q. What’s the connection between the brain and the immune system?

A. As you probably already know, the immune system is set up to keep us from getting sick and, if we do get sick, it is set up to heal us. Estimates are that 85% of all illnesses are within the capability of the immune system as long as it is functioning appropriately. If we get sick and if we get well, the immune system has healed us. That’s the amazing beauty of the way in which it is set up in the body. And it functions hand-in-glove with the brain and nervous system . . .  in fact, one researcher said their hands are so deep in each other’s pockets it’s hard to tell whose hand is where.

The thing to remember is that the immune system typically does not become compromised in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. It takes a long time. A researcher once told me that what you do today in terms of behaviors and lifestyle will be reflected in your immune system in 4-24 months. And with age 80 being the new 65, people are living longer and longer. Keep life in your years by developing and implementing an immune-friendly lifestyle! The good news is that what you do for your immune system also benefits the brain and vice versa.