Q. My doctor recently said that I have a definite sensitivity to wheat grains, gluten in particular, and recommended that I alter the way I eat to benefit my immune system and brain. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies. Yes, I have more energy and seem to be thinking more clearly but those are rather limited options. Do you have any gluten-free recipes?

A. Interesting you should ask! First, what impacts the immune system also impacts the brain and vice versa. This means that when you avoid substances (e.g., gluten) to which your immune system has sensitivity, your brain typically will benefit as well. “Good on you!” as they say down under, for changing the way you are eating.

Second, I have created a section of Gluten-free Recipes on my website. In addition, some of my regular recipes can often be adapted rather easily by simply leaving out a few specific ingredients or by making substitutions.