Q. Do you think aluminum exposure makes any difference to the brain? Should I stop using antiperspirants? Should I throw out my aluminum pans? I’m confused!

A. As far as I know, science has not yet discovered a direct causative link between aluminum and a variety of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Research continues in this area. If you subscribe to the theory that disease processes (including Alzheimer’s and many different types of cancer) can result from a complex constellation of factors, then exposure to products that contain aluminum could be one factor to consider.

I read an article recently that was designed to raise awareness of products that contain aluminum and a possible connection with a variety of states of illness. Suggestions ranged from using aluminum-free cookware or cookware that contains only a small percentage of aluminum in the alloy, to switching to a natural deodorant crystal (aluminum free). I pay attention to these suggestions. However, I still maintain that our best strategy in life is to develop and consistently implement a high-level-wellness lifestyle in balance!