Q. I’m often tired after spending time with a specific individual. Is it possible for this person to impact my energy levels?

A. No doubt you have heard others say, "Being around that person is simply exhausting!" Others can and do impact your energy levels, even as you impact theirs. The type of energy people generate can be thought of as positive, neutral, or negative. Being around negative energy is draining. Neurons in the brain and heart (and many all neurons) generate electromagnetic energy that can be detected strongly within three feet of the body and that can extend out as far as twelve to fifteen feet.

If the individual is exhibiting functional behaviors and thinking positive thoughts, the electromagnetic energy generated will influence the environment in a positive manner. If the individual is exhibiting nonfunctional behaviors (e.g., abusive, critical, judgmental, coercive, shaming) and thinking negative thoughts, the electromagnetic energy released will influence the environment in a negative manner.

You always give up something to get something and the bottom line is energy. All things being equal, spending quality time with individuals who have a similar brain bent may require less energy because you are, in effect, speaking the same brain language. Associating with those whose brain bent differs from yours may require additional energy as you, in effect, must now translate back and forth. The differences can be stimulating, however, and can make the energy trade-off worthwhile.

During my discretionary time I elect to spend time with individuals who have a positive mindset and positive self-talk, which impacts the energy their neurons generate. Of course that also means that I have an obligation to keep my mind-set positive so I contribute positively to the environment.

More and more information is becoming available about electromagnetic energy. You may want to refer to Brain References, Energy, for some sources that may get you started on your own investigation.