Q: How is creativity connected to problem-solving?

A: This is a somewhat complex question. The brain has a built-in potential for creativity. Based on a person's own innate and unique brain advantage, however, the type of creativity that is easiest for that brain to access may differ. For example:

  • Prioritizers tend to be creative in setting and achieving goals, in analyzing data (research), and in problem-solving based on data.
  • Envisioners tend to be creative in artistic areas such as painting/drawing, writing stories/poems, interior design, and problem-solving in a crisis situation.
  • Harmonizers tend to be creative in harmonizing activities such as singing, cooking, between people, with nature/animals, and in the environment.
  • Maintainers tend to be creative in tracking data (e.g., filing, data entry, accounting) and in providing services that are necessary to sustain life.