Q. My aunt said that creativity is connected to one’s problem-solving abilities. Is she right?

A. This is a somewhat complex question. The brain has a built-in potential for creativity. However, based on a person’s own brain advantage, the type of creativity that is easiest to access, may differ. For example:

  • Frontal Left Lobe: creative in setting and achieving goals, in analyzing data (research), and in problem-solving based on data.
  • Frontal Right Lobe: creative in artistic areas such as painting/drawing, writing stories/poems, interior design, and problem-solving in a crisis situation. 
  • Right Posterior Lobes: creative in harmonizing activities such as singing, cooking, between people, with nature/animals, and in the environment.
  • Left Posterior Lobes: creative in tracking data (e.g., filing, data entry, accounting) and in providing services that are necessary to sustain life.

Creativity often involves aspects of thinking outside the box, and can be honed. I believe that developing your creativity can enhance your ability to brainstorm options when problem-solving.