Q. What makes human beings the way they are?

A. The simple answer is your innate brain bent, the impact of your internal and external environments upon it, and the choices you make (or that were made for you) combine to make human beings the way they are. An estimated 7 billion plus brains reside on Planet Earth. Each brain is slightly different, unique, and tends to become more so with age. No two brains ever think identical thoughts (even the brains of so-called identical twins). Therefore, people are like they are because their brains are like they are—and each one is different. Research suggests comparing your brain to your own unique thumb print—no two identical thumb prints have been identified to date, although most human thumbs are recognizable as such. Consensus is that there has never been a brain exactly like yours on Planet Earth and it is highly unlikely there will ever be another just like it in the future. How amazing is that? You cannot control everything. However, studies suggest that about 30 percent of the way you are relates to heredity. About 70 percent of the way you are relates to lifestyle choices.