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Female Brain

Male Brain

  • Females have 15-20% higher rates of blood flow to the brain. They are less likely to suffer occlusive strokes but more likely to experience hemorrhagic strokes. Generally, they are likely to recover more easily from brain injuries such as these.

  • They may experience brain electrical storms (e.g., seizures, epilepsy attacks) with equal frequency but there are fewer related deaths.

  • Tends to generate high levels of fine motor coordination. Females typically do better at tasks that require these skills (e.g., typing, needlework, neurosurgery).


  • Males are at higher risk for long-term disability due to brain injuries both from lower rates of blood flow, and from their more lateralized style of thought processing.

  • While they tend to have an equal incidence of brain electrical storms, they evidence a 30% higher related death rate.

  • Tends to generate less manual dexterity in terms of fine motor coordination. Males score equally with females on video games after the same amount of practice.