©Arlene R. Taylor PhD    www.arlenetaylor.org

The 24th and nowhere in the house,
Could you find a mouse, much less a louse?
The fireplace crackles, the logs burning bright
As they share their warmth¾a beautiful sight.
On the door hangs a fragrant evergreen wreath,
With golden bells hanging ‘round and beneath.

The presents are wrapped and ready to share,
With those whose tree is a little threadbare.
The gifts we exchange are less tangible ones—
Like joy and affection and laughter and puns.
Your quality time is the only thing,
You alone can give—how fascinating!

Wherever you are on planet earth, 
Of season’s good wishes there is no dearth.
What I envision for you today,
Is a barrel of happiness to stash away,
And add to your lifetime memory store,
With an interest rate that will grow it more.

The only thing that is never despaired,
Is love—in brains and hearts that’s shared.
So whether you’re near or way far away,
At home or at work on this holiday,
From my brain to yours for each neuron cell,
Please have an exceptionally Happy Noel.