©Arlene R. Taylor PhD    www.arlenetaylor.org

It’s New Year’s Eve and all through the house,
The music that’s playing is by Johann Strauss.
No stocking still hangs from the mantle with care,
Unwise to go ‘round with a foot that is bare.

It’s hard to believe a whole year is past,
Including events that left one aghast.
Thick smoke in the air from fiery fog,
Made going outside one bad travelogue.

For some it was truly an up-and-down year—
Some creative work will never appear.
But there were also things that left one awed,
And good experiences to applaud.

Tomorrow the New Year will be observed,
With family-of-choice and a dinner served.
The dishes of carefully chosen fare,
Will provide such wonderful smells in the air.

Take time to pause, reflect, and renew.
It’s a brand-new year for the you-who-is-you!
Be thankful for getting another chance—
Your health and longevity to enhance.