Q. IWhat's the difference between a visual sensory preference and seeing in your mind's eye?

A visual sensory preference indicates that the data you take into through your eyes tends to register most quickly and intensely in your brain.Active mental picturing means you can see images in your mind’s eye. You’ve likely done this many times and not realized what you were doing.

For example, imagine that you are going out for dinner to a restaurant that is very familiar to you.

  • Picture in your mind’s eye what the front of the restaurant looks like.
  • Picture what the street looks like on which the restaurant is located.
  • Picture you favorite dish at that restaurant... what does it look like?

When you can do this easily, imagine in your mind’s eye that a giraffe has purple spots instead of brown spots. That’s creativity..

Many athletes, musicians, and other performers mentally rehearse important actions as they prepare for their events. Some mentally picture an ideal performance over and over, which gives their brain an internal map to follow. 

Combine visual and mental rehearsal with physical rehearsal in order to practice in advance for a specific event. Close your eyes and picture the performance in your mind. Accompany this with approximate physical movements.

Some individuals say that mental picturing is simply "visualization." Personally, I do not use the term "visualization" as it is a form of "spirit guided imagery" that has been practiced by spiritualists for thousands of years. I want to keep the labels separate as Mental Picturing is a built-in brain function that can help you in many positive ways and is unconnected with "visualization."