Q. While driving in the car recently I heard someone talking about physical, mental, emotional and “spiritual” fitness. First, I’m unclear about what spirituality really is—and fitness?


A. As I’m sure you know, an individual can be “fit” in any number of different categories. Spiritual fitness is one of those. My brain’s opinion is that a definition of spirituality is quite simple. Separate from religion and religiosity—which describes affiliation with a dogma, theology, or religious organization—spirituality describes the spirit with which you live life. It underlies everything.

The word savvy can be defined as encompassing characteristics including astuteness, practical knowledge; astuteness, sharp-wittedness, common sense, shrewdness, and the ability to make good judgments. Because I think genuine spirituality is so important I am actually in the process of preparing a PowerPoint presentation on the Components of Savvy Spirituality. Note: The Longevity Lifestyle Matters program includes fourteen brain-based and researched components, one of which contains the concept of spirituality.