Q. We are so enjoying Birds & Brains. We have two parakeets and all of us, kids and adults, think it is so cool that you’ve done something no one else has done that we know of: teach brain function using a cast of “birds.” It’s brilliant. I hope you do more of that series! My question: What is the reason they are only 5-7 minutes in length? The kids wanted them longer.

A. Thank you for your comments and question. First, because we don't use commercial breaks. Second, when I brought the idea to the production team and decided to go with it, we looked at the length of an average TV presentation between commercials and decided to aim for 5-7 minutes (although recently it seems that there are 5-7 commercials between each content segment!). Anecdotally, it appears that due to TV, video games, social media, and electronics of every hue and color, the attention span of the human brain is diminishing. I think that’s unfortunate. Nevertheless, it is important to “meet people where they are” as much as possible. Tell your kids that Quinton Quill loves being the host. He is such a little “feathered ham.” Your kids may enjoy The Mighty 8 video series. It will soon be available on the Pacific Health Education Center, Inc website, http://thepacific.solutions/the-mighty-8.