©Arlene Taylor, PhD

balanceThe brain is designed to develop habits that can help you perform specific tasks and activities more effectively and automatically. Think of them as “software programs.” They develop through repetition until the resulting behavior is nearly automatic. (If the brain does something once, it is usually easier to do it again.)

Great benefits can be derived from developing and running these software programs, including:

  • Save time
  • Improve accuracy
  • Perform more efficiently
  • Promote comfort
  • Increase competence
  • Enhance outcomes
  • Provide a doublethink option…

brainThese software programs can be positive or negative, based on the outcome to your brain / body or related consequences. When these software programs are activated to excess, a higher a risk of negative outcomes exists. In other words, the brain and body always tend to work best in balance.

And human beings often develop habits that help them self-medicate to achieve the desired “flavor” in their brain’s chemical stew.