‘Everything begins in your brain. That includes your health. Use your brain to create and maintain a Longevity Lifestylebecause it matters.’

Sharlet M. Briggs


Sharlet BriggsSharlet M. Briggs, PhD, has been interested in brain function and its impact on communication and behaviors for over a quarter of a century. Emerging research from brain-imaging studies has opened a new window into organizational performance. She uses her expertise in community presentations, facilitating business groups, providing seminars and workshops, and counseling leaders.

Having been affiliated with healthcare for most of her career, she understands the challenges, roadblocks, and opportunities faced by business leaders in the challenging arena of healthcare.

Passionate about the positive contributions that brain-function information can make when practically applied personally and professionally, Briggs speaks internationally.

Briggs has a master’s in Counseling and an earned doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is Market President and Chief Executive Officer for Kern County, California, including Adventist Health Bakersfield and Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley.

Briggs and her husband, David O. Eastman, who has a background in administration for a healthcare network, make their home in California.

Contact Dr. Briggs through www.thrivingbrain.com