I have known Dr. Taylor for many years now as a fellow pilgrim for justice and making the world safe for differences. But I had never gone through one of her much-touted brain seminars. As a typical academic, stuffed with my own ego of how much I already knew, I did not have high expectations that I would learn much of value. I was in for a real surprise! From the opening bell of round one, Taylor had me by my frontal lobes, and for three days she did not let go . . . nor did I want her to let go . . . as I came to a new awareness of just who Caleb Rosado is.

When I couple this learning experience with my own field of knowledge as a sociologist, an educator, and a human systems consultant, it gave me a far richer understanding of my world and the many people in it, than I have ever experienced, except on one other occasion. My experience went from eating crow at the beginning, topped off with a piece of humble pie, to a sumptuous banquet of rich brain food and the delectable delight of self-awareness. Needless to say, I am already recommending Dr. Arlene Taylor\'s seminars to anyone who desires a natural high and a genuine mind expanding experience.

—Caleb Rosado, PhD., President and Senior Consultant
 Rosado Consulting for Change in Human Systems

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