Thank you so much for our weekend at The Brain Program. It was so informative yet presented in a way so as to be really delightful. Like many before me it has cleared some fog and given me direction. I have dabbled in public speaking for many years and I know why your sessions were perky and endearing. You had great spacing and timing in your many capsules of topics. Excellent pace, too.

One thing I haven't noticed in training books is what I call giving a piece of yourself in presentations. You really warmed the whole weekend up by doing that. When you present yourself as human, even vulnerable, you talk to us and our heart, not at us. A book on tape I listened to entitled, Change Your Mind and Change Your Life, talked about integrating love into your business, whatever it is, for smoothness and success. You do that! Thanks, too, for the BTSA and couples' analysis. We'll be back....

Michael Weber
Auburn, California