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Success in life is really little more than an ongoing continuum of miniscule decisions made by your brain. The consequences you experience result from their cumulative effect.

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD


“You, too, can realize a world of difference”


Ever since childhood—from about the age of nine—I have fluctuated between a reasonably healthy weight and obesity. I tried dieting and I tried exercising—but never in combination. I was confused. Why did something seem to work for a short period of time and then I was right back at square one? I also fluctuated between meat consumption and vegetarian cuisines. Eventually I basically gave up. And when that happened, my weight skyrocketed to 300 pounds—and I am between 5 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall, depending on which shoes I wear.

Enter the brain-based 12-week program: Longevity Lifestyle Matters (LLM). I was asked by the LLM Certified Facilitators to assist with the program, so I decided I might as well enroll. What could it hurt? Motivating factors included:

  • The LLM Team were “living” the program
  • An emerging understanding that the brain controls everything
  • A clear recognition of the importance of mindset

Twelve months later I have learned to eat what I need—knowing that what I really want comes later in the form of a healthier lifestyle, a healthier weight, an increased risk for a longer life, and much more. What did I give up?

  • A total of 110 pounds that kept me sluggish and low on energy
  • My old mindset that told my brain I could eat what I wanted when I wanted
  • Three prescription medications that my physician said I no longer needed

The bonus? I am more respected and appreciated by my wife, who looks at me with a new twinkle in her eye!

—Chad Hooper
Camarillo, CA, USA
Owner of Show Me Videos

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Recently I obtained a copy of your book Longevity Lifestyle Matters. I am excited to tell you that although I am only part-way through the book, I have been implementing some of the things I have learned (e.g., drinking water first when I feel hungry, drinking before or after meals but not with my food, drinking water before bed and first thing in the morning). I went to my doctor’s appointment last week and he was "almost giggly" because I had lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks—just by creating new habit patterns around water and not even thinking about losing weight. Also, I have started listening to the audio version of Longevity Lifestyle Matters and am loving it! I am listening over and over in my car every day on my way to work. This LLM program is absolutely doable. Thank you!

—Kim Money
Sacramento, CA, USA
Office Manager for IMPaX World Inc
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What a special gift it was to have you present to our teachers. I've heard a number of presentations regarding the brain, but your delivery provided me with the best understanding I have had. Your easy style and use of vocabulary that I could understand was significant.

—Teryl Loeffler
Associate Director of Education, Secondary
Pacific Union Conference, Central California

I was fortunate to be able to attend another talk by Dr. Arlene Taylor yesterday on her latest speaking tour in Australia. This time she spoke on both the neurological and cognitive aspects of how the mismanagement of the three protective emotions (anger, fear, and sadness) can downshift the brain, and how unresolved emotional issues can keep a person from developing emotional growth and maturity. She included tips on how to raise one’s level of EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). She also spoke about people being caught in unresolved grief as well as suicidality, along with the importance of laughter and developing a strong sense of humor. Dr. Taylor presents in such a way that lay persons can clearly understand the neuropsychological and cognitive systems and how they function. She is extremely charismatic, exuding positivity and serenity. I get her daily blogs—each one is enlightening, helpful, and positive. I can't wait until she returns on her next speaking tour!

—Barbara Christian, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

To use a power word now in vogue to describe you and your seminarawesome! That is how Mary and I felt about your Brain Program. In 45 years of academic pursuit and professional career, I have attended a lot of seminars. Let me be bold and say you, your material, delivery, presentation stylethe whole thing was in the top 1%-2% of any I have ever attended. Many thanks.

—Stanley Charles Knapp MD MPH
Historian Consultant for ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ motion picture
Chairperson, North Carolina Coalition,
American Stop Smoking Intervention Study, National Cancer Institute

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I’m so pleased to have met you. Thank you for accepting our invitation to speak Tuesday afternoon in San Antonio, Texas. I dearly loved your presentation: charming and accessible, professional and poised, experienced and entertaining. Brain-function information, especially about gender differences, can make a positive difference in the lives of people when they practically apply it.

 ―Rebecca Timon
Administrative assistant to the GC Women's Ministries director
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Dr. Taylor, just a note to thank one of my greatest friends and mentors for the priceless ‘gems’ that you instill into my life and all those you touch. When I speak, it is a rare time that I don’t point the audience to you and your resources as a source of transformation. Wishing you joy as you jet-set around the world sharing brain-function information, your presence, and care.

—Tom Amato, Executive Director
Napa Valley Youth Advocacy Center
Website: nvyac.org
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Dr. Arlene Taylor made several presentations at our "It Is Written Oceania" Partnership Weekend held at the Mercure Gold Coast, Queensland, AU. She also filmed three television programs with Gary Kent, Speaker-Director for "It is Written Oceania." An amazing presenter, with an ability to keep us alert and thinking during her presentations, Dr. Taylor’s wealth of knowledge about the brain and male-female differences—presented with practical applications and her dry humor— were very much enjoyed and appreciated by all the partner-attendees.

—Rina Maidment
PR/Donor Relations Coordinator
 "It is Written Oceania"
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Dr. Taylor’s presentations on the brain never fail to enlighten and entertain. She has the remarkable ability to take complex brain research and medical terminology and make it simple, understandable, memorable, and applicable to daily life. She constantly updates her information to provide the latest in cutting-edge knowledge about the brain. Her pace of delivery is just right. Her demeanor and presentation style generate laughter, poignancy, and openness. Because of the tone Taylor sets, the atmosphere that she creates for those in attendance is very positive. After having giving seminars for two years in a row, she now has developed a following who look forward to her annual lecture series.                            

—David H. Lowe MD -  Specializes in Pediatrics
Ventura Youth Correctional Facility MD Cl
3100 Wright Rd Camarillo, CA 93010

I just returned home from attending my Wednesday night men's group. Several of the guys commented on your recent Saturday night presentations they had attended (e.g., Use Your Brain for Success, The Brain and Laughter). Some thought it had only been about twenty minutes in length. I assured them you spoke for the full two hours. They were so engrossed in your presentation, they didn't even text others during any of the program. Awesome job.

—Harry Suekert, DDS, McDonald, Tennessee


My wife and I were able to attend three of Dr. Taylor’s recent presentations in Torrance, California, and were awed by the experience. My wife is a clinical psychologist and we attend at least one health-related presentation each month, including the excellent Torrance Memorial Advantage program forums. Quite seriously, Dr. Taylor’s presentations were simply the best I have ever attended. Her communication skills are stunning; my attention never strayed, and I learned so much of value.

—Richard Sherwood, Torrance, California


Dr. Taylor, I don't have enough words to thank you for your comments on my innate brain function. I have greatly benefited from it and I just keep discovering more about myself. It is certainly a paradigm shift, but it makes sense, and you're right on about my brain 'bent' being in the Frontal Right or Envisioning Division and that I adapted as an adolescent and in adulthood. Now I'm using this information to improve my quality of life overall.

Ghysleine SauderThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you are looking for a fresh, insightful, life-changing yet humorous presenter for a single meeting or a weekend retreat, then look no further. I have had Arlene speak at a ministerial convention and have attended several of her seminars. She truly understands the function of the human brain and can share what she knows in a way that will leave you laughing as well as thinking seriously about ways you can apply what you have learned. I never miss a chance to hear what she has to share. Arlene is a thoroughly delightful speaker!

Marvin Wray, Author
Journeys (2011), First-Class Male (1994), Putting Up With Mr. Right
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marvin.wray.7


You were quite a hit yesterday at our annual Teachers’ Education Day! As you well know, individuals who themselves are accustomed to being up front and presenting can make for a challenging audience. In this case, even the stacks of papers some teachers brought with them to grade were being ignored! Not only that, many people came to us throughout the day with incredibly positive comments and appreciation for what you shared in your presentation: How to Deal With Male-Female Differences in the Classroom. Thanks so much for continuing to work with us on a date. You made a difference for kids! And thanks for posting your PowerPoint® slides on your website so the teachers can access them.

—Berit von Pohle, Director of Education K-12
Pacific Union Conference 



This is to express great thanks and appreciation for your two wonderful workshops at Second Wind. Both seminars were outstanding. You have a tremendous gift in taking complex science and making it understandable to laypeople. The material has been so so helpful! All the participants have expressed tremendous appreciation for the learning they’ve experienced. And your presentation style is inspiring, engaging, and fun. We’re looking forward to The Brain Program. Thanks again for your transformational work!

—Gregory Nelson, Personal and Professional Life Coach
Fly Again Coaching - "Giving Wings to Life"



Last April a young snowboarder crashed into me so hard that it caused me to fly through the air and bounce several times on my head on hard ice. He did not stop! Unfortunately, I sustained a bloody right eye and a concussion that was identified by CAT scan. An MRI also revealed a serious injury to my right knee.

In the Emergency Department, the doctor’s first question was, “Are you really 69?” While reviewing the results of the brain scan he wanted to know what I was doing to maintain such a healthy “tight” brain. He described how the brain halves begin to separate with age, allowing the tissue in the middle to become more fragile from lack of protection. The doctor also explained that tissue, when separated, is at increased risk for tearing and massive brain “bleeds.” He wanted to know what I was doing to keep my brain “exercised,” so I told him about you and your work, including your research, seminars I have attended, and educational books, DVDs, and CDs.

Your information and brain exercises really worked for my brain and probably saved my life. Thank you so much for providing me with tools to help me help my brain!

—Gini Cummings, RN, BS, PHN, OHN
Minden, Nevada


Thank you for the marvelous presentation you gave to our “Healthy U” group. In addition to being an articulate speaker, you have a gift of magically connecting with each individual in your audience. Your words are food and water to thirsty souls. You leave people feeling better about themselves as a result of having met you. You are a rare gem and we treasure you! Oceans of thanks!

—Charlie Bowman, Coordinator, Healthy U
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Just want to thank you for your outstanding presentation yesterday to the Leadership Institute here at Howard Memorial Hospital. We learned so many concepts and so much information from your Brain Program—all of which are critical to professional growth and getting along with others. Thanks again.

—Anthony Stahl, MSA, SPHR
Director, Human Resources, and Marketing


We wanted to say thank you so much for coming to do the recent weekend seminar here in Hanford. Your information is timely, needed, and appreciated. Your spitfire delivery is memorable, entertaining, and endearing. Alice most appreciated your information about needing to make positive statements instead of negative ones like “don’t.” That will help tremendously in raising her three girls. Michael and Anita most remember your talk about “Statements we make to ourselves.” You are welcome back here anytime.

—J. Michael Hufham, Anita Hufham, and Alice Guhl
900 North Redington, Hanford, California 93230
Fax: 559-582-0550 Phone: 559-582-0034


I want to express my deep gratitude for your participation. It was thought-provoking; you had the attendees at the edge of their seats. The concepts shared continued to be repeated and discussed by many during the rest of the day. It was fun observing the dynamics and the laughter generated as a result of the various nuggets from your lectures. Again, thank you for your participation.

—Ramiro A. Cano, President CCC
2820 Willow Avenue, Clovis, CA 93612


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