Q. In your opinion, can reparenting help me manage my own life script?

A. Reparenting can not only help you to evaluate your own script, but also to delete portions that do not apply to you, add portions that do, and tweak the contents to fit you and your individual uniqueness. Managing your own life script is an ongoing process as you increase your emotional intelligence and monitor whether or not your behaviors consistently result in positive outcomes.

Picture a wise and functional parent helping a child learn to exhibit a more functional behavior or develop a skill set to enhance overall success. When you reparent yourself, you are doing that for you. My guess is that everyone needs reparenting in at least one area.

In a practical sense, when you manage and follow your own script you:

  • No longer feel compelled to work upon or act out the unresolved problems or indiscretions of the previous generations or even to mimic what were perceived as successes for them (your brain may be very different)
  • Stop carrying within you any toxic burden of unmourned loss, grief, unrealized goals, or emotional pain carried over from the experiences of the previous generations (including abuse)
  • Consciously realize no obligation to ritualize in your own life the beliefs, customs, and expectations of your ancestors
  • Give up any tendency to become immobilized either by the lack of validation or the conditional praise/love of previous generations
  • Are no longer controlled by the need to make restitution for past generational failures or unfulfilled longings and have given up that goal
  • Have let go any need to confront, chastise, get rid of, demand from, or expect/require generational ancestors to be different and have accepted them exactly as they are (setting your own personal boundaries as necessary)
  • Are able to accept and value previous generations simply for the position they hold in your generational inheritance and can learn from what you know of their lives and outcomes
  • Free yourself to become the person you were intended to be, utilizing your innate giftedness in all its uniqueness to help you live a rich, rewarding, joyful, productive life, and leaving the world a better place than you found it