Q. Do you know of any medication that can help my memory?

A. In her book 20/20 Thinking, Dr. Maggie Greenwood-Robinson recommended a nutritional supplement called phosphatidylserine, or PS for short. It is believed to help rebuild brain function, put mental decline in reverse, support brain health, and assist in restoring memory. She strongly recommended using products made from soy rather than from bovine brains. In studies, soy-based supplements were found to be as effective in boosting memory as the animal-derived variety. For memory loss, the author suggests 300 milligrams of PS daily; 100 milligrams of PS daily for maintenance of brain health.

Julia Ross in her book, The Diet Cure, indicated that specific herbs can help to improve the health of body organs. One example she gave was that ginkgo biloba was found to enhance circulation to the brain and may play a role in helping people to retain memory functions.