Q. You offer several seminars related to gender differences. Aren’t these so-called "differences" basically cosmetic and wouldn’t it be more sane to emphasize similarities?

A. Overall, males and females are more alike than they are different. They are members of the same species. In truth there may be greater differences between individuals within the same gender than between the genders. Nevertheless, at our very core are key dissimilarities, powerful differences that have existed since time immemorial and that have formed the basis for a wide variety of problems from humorous misadventures to annoying confrontations, from mild disagreements to exasperating arguments, from episodic irritations to perpetual misunderstandings, from live and let live perspectives to a life and death struggle.

Does understanding gender uniqueness (insofar as it is possible to do so) make the differences go away? Of course not! But knowledge is power and an increased understanding offers you more options for any given situation. It can also diminish a tendency to take things personally, reduce frustration, improve cross-gender teamwork, enhance all your relationships¾and it can be fun! Information about male/female differences, practically applied, has definitely improved my life and I thoroughly enjoy presenting seminars on that topic!