Q. Recently I seem to be more fatigued than ever, yet my last physical exam was normal. Any ideas?

A. Fatigue can be related to any number of factors. Any chance you have been caught in the SuperPerson Syndrome? (Refer to Brain References–SuperPerson Syndrome for additional information.) Are you living a high-level-wellness lifestyle in balance—with sufficient amounts of sleep and relaxation?

Most people are capable of developing skills throughout the brain and this is desirable. In order to make energy-efficient use of your brain’s biochemical preference, however, the goal is to match as many of your life’s activities (e.g., a majority if at all possible) to what your brain does easily. It truly is different strokes for different folks! One activity may be an energy drain for one person but require so little energy expenditure for another that it’s like falling off the proverbial log. The easier it is for your brain to accomplish a given task, the more likely it is that the task matches your own innate giftedness.

If you have no observable illness or disease, you may be experiencing fatigue because you are using brain energy at intensive rates.