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People have sometimes asked about brain bent and the Four Gospels (as found in Scripture). My brain’s opinion is that each author had a different brain bent. Consequently, an individual reader might find one of those Gospels more comfortable or familiar to his/her brain. If, in fact, each author wrote based on his brain bent, it is possible that readers might relate more to a specific gospel's language if the readers had the same brain bent as the author. 

Note that this is, of course, conjecture. Some researchers think Luke is more associated with the Harmonizing division because 'physicians during ancient times were Shamans.' I've gone back and forth in terms of my brain's opinion. Below you'll find my brain's current opinion (smile). Read the Gospels and come to your own conclusions.

I’ve also includes a guesstimate of potential brain bent for several groups that were operational in Biblical times.


brain lead Prioritizing Division

  • A physician is thought to have written the Gospel of Luke. He recorded facts after a thorough investigation, used a variety of medical terms rather than colloquial euphemisms, and traced Christ’s ancestry back to Adam.

  • The Zealots - a fanatical sect with the goal of repelling Roman domination.


brain lead Envisioning Division

  • Mark wrote the Gospel according to Mark with innovation and dramatic vitality. He emphasized the unusual (e.g., miracles, signs, wonders), and presented Christ as a man of action.

  • The Essenes - a monastic brotherhood that lived in seclusion and prepared the Dead-Sea Scrolls.

brain lead Maintaining Division

  • Matthew, a tax collector, is believed to have written the Gospel according to Matthew as a historical narrative. He reported several sermons in their entirety and presented Christ as a teacher of “how to do it right.”

  • The Pharisees - in an effort to do things correctly, they emphasized strict observance of rites, oral traditions, and ceremonies.


brain leadHarmonizing Division

  • John, known as the beloved apostle, wrote of connection and faith in the Gospel according to John. He emphasized the coming of theComforter, and presented Christ as the Word.

  • The Sadducees - a dislike of conflict led to compromise, which eventually resulted in the loss of hope and in a unique set of beliefs.