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The labels Extroversion, Ambiversion, and Introversion refer to the brain’s position on the EAI Continuum and describe the brain’s focus (e.g., outer-directed, a relatively balanced mix of both, or inner-directed).

Question: Are your positions on the EAI Continuum the same or different?

If they differ, are they widely different (e.g., extreme extrovert versus extreme introvert)?

When partners have different positions on the continuum, this difference needs to be recognized and steps taken to ensure that the environment works for both brains. Otherwise, one or both partners can experience chronic anxiety and/or illness.

NOTE: The brain may respond to chronic anxiety (usually of 2 years duration or longer) by going on protective alertness and moving two points or more toward introversion.

Use this information as a starting point for discussion. Identify and deal with factors that may have resulted in a temporarily altered position on the EAI Continuum.

Refer to Practical Applications: Extroversion-Ambiversion-Introversion for additional information.