©Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Not long ago, a group of friends were discussing individual differences related to preference. One of the guests asked when dinner would be ready, and that led to the topic of food in general, which led to a discussion of the way in which different cooks or chefs might approach food preparation from the position of their innate giftedness. Soon a lively discussion was well under way. Here are some of their comments about extraversion, ambiversion, and introversion:

  • Extroverts might want everybody crowded into the kitchen together, with lots of conversations going on at the same time, perhaps the TV on for the latest news or sports summary, and cell phones and pagers ringing periodically.
  • Introverts would likely prefer cooking alone or with just one other individual present in the kitchen. They would likely have the TV turned off, and cell phones and pagers set to vibrate mode.
  • Ambiverts might enjoy having a few people in the kitchen, but not too many, and perhaps not for the entire time!

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