1. A rancher had 1,000 head of cattle. The herd was reduced by illness, some theft, and sales. The rancher was left with 80 more than 60% of 40% of 80% of his original herd. How many did the rancher have left?
  1. I have no beginning and no end. Neither do I have a middle, although sometimes I can add to yours. What am I?
  1. Two men were playing checkers. They played a total of seven games. Each man won the same number of games. How could that happen?
  1. Some say it is dangerous to swim on a full stomach. In fact, many pools and beach areas now post signs. How really dangerous is this?
  1. An fowl farmer had more than 5,000 in his flock. He sold both eggs and chicks. He was known for providing chicks that were of unusual coloring. It so happened that a red and yellow rooster laid a brown egg, two white eggs, and a speckled egg. What color will these chicks be?

Riddles Set 62 Solutions