1. I am a large instrument. You carry one of me in each ear. What am I?
  1. A clock chimes five times in four seconds. How many times will it chime in 12 seconds?
  1. I turn around once so what is out will not get in. I turn around again and what is in will not get out. What am I?
  1. You are building a beautiful one-story home made entirely of redwood. What color will your staircase be?
  1. A man bet $10 his sharpshooter friend that he couldn’t shoot a bullet clean through his hat blindfolded. The sharpshooter took the bet. He hung up his hat, put on a secure blindfold, walked 100 yards, turned around, and shot a bullet clean through his hat. He won the bet. How did the sharpshooter manage to do it?

Riddles Set 56 Solutions