1. The following letters suggest an old phrase:  P I C G E A O N T S. What is the phrase?
  1. You invite Amy over for dinner. You already know that Amy likes yams but not celery, potatoes but not persimmons, peanuts but not pecans, carrots but not peas, and beets but not green beans. Will you serve her radishes or cucumbers?
  1. I regularly spout off, sometimes for no apparent reason at. Some don’t want to be anywhere close to me, while others love to watch. It’s difficult to catch me on film because I am unpredictable. What am I?
  1. The following five words have something in common:  deft, canopy, hijack, stupid, and stunning. What is in common has nothing to do with vowels, the length of the word, or its meaning. What do the words have in common?
  1. Part of a deck, I have also been known to make people chuckle. What am I?

Riddles Set 53 Solutions