1. My blades are capable of cutting through almost anything atmospheric. In fact, the hotter it is the faster they cut. I am higher than you and tend to look down on you. What am I?
  1. Although I am not a fowl I can tweet. I belong to one of the largest flocks on the planet. Those who have me consider me a favorite pet. Those who do not have me may do so one day. What am I?
  1. Everyone forgot to wind the clock. It sat there for seven whole days without being wound. How did the clock feel?
  1. Dry spells occur in almost every country on the planet. What always happens right at the very end of a dry spell?
  1. I am a grammatical and some would say sensible English sentence composed of five words. All my words begin with the same sound and yet all of the words begin with a different letter. I’ll give you a hint. My middle word is “knew.” What am I?

Riddles Set 48 Solutions