1. A ten-foot ladder is attached to a boat used for scuba-diving. The rungs of the ladder are exactly one foot apart. The water is rising at the rate of one foot per hour. How long will it take the water to reach the top rung of the ladder?
  1. A strong wind and a person with a bad cold are somewhat alike. How is this?
  1. Most people who understand English could make the word “one” disappear. There are a half-dozen different roads you could travel to make “one” disappear. Or more. How would you accomplish this?
  1. I am a five-letter English word. However, if you remove my last four letters I still sound the same when you pronounce me. What am I?
  1. There is one word in the English language that has all of the 26 letters. What is the word?

Riddles Set 43 Solutions