1. A rooster and an elephant decided to take a trip. Who took longer to pack, the elephant or the rooster?
  1. John started working out at the gym because he was self-conscious about his weight. Another man asked John, “How much do you weight?” John replied, “I weight 160 pounds plus half my body weight.” How much does John weigh?
  1. I come with a car and I go with a car. Although I am no use to a car, the car cannot go without me. What am I?
  1. The King promised his daughter in marriage to the man who could empty the bathtub filled with water in the shortest amount of time. Each contestant was given the choice of a teaspoon, a cup, or a small pan. The King timed each contestant. Who won the princess?
  1. Some dogs will chase anything that’s red. What type of dog does this?

Riddles Set 40 Solutions