Q. How fast do I need to walk? I hear people say “briskly” but briskly for one person may be strolling or running for another. And what about age?

A. Good question. Walking is my favorite general exercise (although I also do some stretching, balance, and rubber-band exercises a couple times a week). And you are correct. I want to walk briskly enough to benefit my heart, but I certainly never jog (too hard on the knees and ligaments).

An article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine indicated that a pace of 100 steps per minute is considered “moderate intensity” and would qualify as brisk walking for many people (jogging starts at about 140 steps per minute). [https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/52/12/776]

My pace is about 120 steps per minute broken up into two or three 10-minute segments.

Having said that, if strolling is all you can do safely, then stroll. Check with your healthcare provider. You may be able to work up to 100 steps per minute. Who knows? My brain’s opinion is that moving actively at a safe pace for you is far better than doing nothing—even if 100 steps per minute is unsafe for you.