‘With appropriate motivation, education, practical application, and the right use of their brains, individuals may feel better, look better, think
more clearly, and live healthier lives—longer.’

Steve Horton


Steve HortonSteve Horton M.Div., MPH, is interested in and enthusiastic about health and wellness, believing that a Longevity Lifestyle not only is possible but also can be effective and enjoyable. Even fun.

His goal is to provide educational resources in a stimulating, easy-to understand, and practical-to-apply format. When implemented as part of a life-time commitment, the information and strategies can help people in the community become more aware of simple lifestyle changes they can make to benefit their overall health, avoid preventable diseases, and reduce symptoms associated with chronic illnesses to the extent possible.

Horton has two earned master’s degrees and is completing a doctoral program.

Horton is CEO of Pacific Health Education Center (PHEC), headquartered in Bakersfield, California. PHEC exists to promote health, disease prevention, and an enhanced understanding of brain function through educationinternationally.

Horton and his wife make their home in California.

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