LLM Spanish250

Mission Statement

To share brain-health information locally, nationally, and internationally that can help individuals stay healthier and younger for longer—knowing that families are only as healthy as their family members; that communities are only as healthy as its families, and that entire countries are only as healthy as its communities.

Vision Statement

To empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve and maintain an optimal state of brain-body wellness by providing appropriate informational resources and encouraging them to apply them consistently on a daily basis.


To share current research in the form of appropriate, practical, and easy-to-understand resources that can assist individuals in learning how simple strategies can reduce one’s risk for illness, disease, and a shortened lifespan.

To motivate individuals to embrace and maintain doable brain-health strategies that can help them feel better, look better, think more clearly, and realize sufficient physical, mental, and emotional, energy to live a happy, active life—for as long as possible.

To assist individuals in understanding that Genetics contributes about 30 percent to how well and how they live; while Epigenetics (everything that is not genetics including lifestyle—Epi meaning “above genetics”) is worth 70 percent of how well and how long they live. Sometimes Epigenetics can even trump genetics!