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Longevity Lifestyle Matters: How to Stay Healthier and Younger for Longer
by Arlene R Taylor PhD

Are you in trouble—fast food, too much sitting and too little moving, too many simple carbs and processed foods, too many sodas and sugary drinks and too little water, inadequate amounts of sleep, and gaining weight? Although there are no magic fixes, research has demonstrated doable strategies that can reduce your risk for obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and dementia. Embrace a Longevity Lifestyle. It matters! And when you start to feel, look, and think better, and have more energy to accomplish some of your cherished goals—you can thank your brain. Because it all starts in your brain…

Paperback available from Amazon.com.

Audiobook available from our website.

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Longevity Lifestyle Matters-Companion Notebook: How to Stay Healthier and Younger for Longer
by Arlene R Taylor PhD

Studies have shown that adult learners tend to store and recall information better when they receive and work with it using all the sensory systems: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Actually, all learners likely do! This Companion Notebook accompanies the book Longevity Lifestyle Matters—Keeping Your Brain, Body, and Weight in the Game. The support material is designed to assist you in practically applying Longevity Lifestyle principles in a way that can work for you now and ongoing. It includes information to help you:

• Focus on what is important to your brain and body
• See, read, write, hear, and integrate strategies to keep your brain, body, and weight in the game.

Finding ways to make learning fun results in a greater likelihood that the learner (you!) will stick with the principles, achieve positive results, have fun, and thrive.

Paperback available from Amazon.com.


Just the Facts

LLM - Just the Facts! 
by Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Nature + Nurture = You
Nature involves genetics, contributing about 30% to wellness and lifespan. Nurture involves your total internal and external environments beginning with gestation—including your lifestyle choices that start in the brain—and impact about 70% of your level of health and longevity. This book focuses on epigenetics because epigenetics can trump genetics!

Paperbackavailable from Amazon.com.

Digital (PDF) in English and Spanish and audiobook available on our website.


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Adventures of the Longevity Mystery Club
by Arlene R. Taylor PhD and Sharlet M. Briggs PhD

In Book Four in the Adventure Series, Aimi, Stella, their friends Tad and Toni (twins) and their cousin Connor—all want to have an adventure. So they, along with their new club sponsor, Grami, set out to do just that. Designed to provide brain-function information through stories, the children—in their many adventures—start learning how to stay happier, healthier, and younger for longer.

Paperback available from Amazon.com.

Digital (PDF) and audiobook available from our website.

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