Mindset & Self-Talk

It takes several decades for the brain’s cognitive abilities to mature. During this time, one’s belief systems, like neuronal connections, are very flexible. The older the brain becomes, the less flexible one’s belief become as the neural pathways stabilize. Nevertheless, one’s ability to refine personal beliefs continues to mature. (Newberg, Andrew, MD and Mark Robert Waldman. Why We Believe What We Believe. P 70-72. NY: Free Press, 2006)


Attempting to stay in the moment helps one to achieve quality longevity. Mindfulness or mindful awareness, the subtle process of moment-to-moment awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, and physical states, is key to sharpening memory and staying mentally fit. This ability not only reduces stress and anxiety, but also boosts the immune system and promotes health and healing for a variety of  medical illnesses and conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and chronic pain. (Small, Gary, MD. The Longevity Bible. NY: Hyperion Books, p 8-9. 2006)

Your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions are the true keys to optimal wellness, because shifting your thought patterns can rewrite your genetic readout - quoting Dr. Bruce Lipton. (LaBrec, Adelle. How to Reprogram Your DNA for Optimum Health. P 13-14. CA:Think-Outside-the-Book, 2014.)

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